Whilst we recognise the social importance of neutering pets, it is not right for every pet and owner, particularly those with some behavioural concerns.

If you are unsure about neutering, we recommend making an appointment with one of our vets who will assess your pet and discuss any specific recommendations. If you would like to go ahead with neutering your pet, the times at which we recommend the surgery will differ as detailed below.


Castration your male dog

Smaller breeds: From 12 months of age, however we would consider from 10 months if you start to notice adverse sexual/behavioural issues.

Medium and large breed dogs: From 12 months, can also be left unless you start to notice adverse sexual behavioural.

Giant breed dogs: From 18 months.

Spaying your female dog

At Chichester Vets we routinely perform ovariectomy (unless specific abnormalities are noted at the time of spay). This is only done during routine spay. Doing this procedure reduced the associated risks as well as size of incision and consequently the length of recovery.

For all small, medium and large breeds: We recommend spaying 4 months after the end of their first season.

For giant breeds: We recommend delaying if their first season occurs before they are 1 year of age, at which point we recommend 4 months after their second season.


Castration your male cat

From 5-6 months of age depending on seasonal effects.

Spaying your female cat

From 5-6 months of age depending on seasonal effects.