We have updated our guidance specifically for all clients, which we ask you please to read carefully.

We are still conducting some telephone and video consults for occasional non-urgent cases, or in cases where you may be unable to leave your home.

For any cases where you or a member of staff feel it is necessary for your pet to be examined by a Vet, we are conducting outside consultations inline with current guidelines from the government and our governing bodies.

If attending the clinic, clients should wear a suitable mask/face covering at all times when on site and observe 2m social distancing. Wherever possible, only one client should come to the clinic. Please do NOT attempt to enter the clinic at all as you put us at risk of closure.

What to do on arrival at the clinic…

1) Please stay in your car and inform the staff that you have arrived via telephone on 01243779111. Please ensure you tell us your name, pets name, and the make & colour of your car. You should remain in your vehicle until the vet comes to find you.

2) The vet will then come and discuss the patient’s problem outside by your car, observing social distancing of 2m. Please ensure you have your face covering on.

3) If necessary your pet will then be taken inside the clinic for examination and treatment.

4) The vet will then return your pet, together with any medication, and continue the second part of the consultation outside by your car to discuss findings and a course of action.

5) Following your consult we will take payment outside the front door of the clinic using card payments only.

Your adherence to these Covid-19 control measures on arrival at the clinic is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions about the above guidance ahead of your visit, you develop clinical signs suggestive of Covid-19 infection, or you have been in direct contact with anyone showing clinical signs, please contact us by telephone on 01243 779111 as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.